Starting to clean can be a challenge. You survey the mess and wonder where to even start. But once you get going, it can be hard to stop. Why is that? Is it because we feel a sense of accomplishment when we see progress? Or is it because the more we clean, the more dirt and grime we uncover?

Why is it so hard to start cleaning?

Cleaning can be intimidating, especially when the list of tasks is long and the time available feels short. It often feels overwhelming; where do you even begin?

But the hardest part of any goal is beginning.

The best way to tackle a cleaning project of any size is to break it down into smaller, achievable goals that can be tackled one at a time. Then start with the easiest one.

Once you start cleaning, it’s easy to get caught up in the momentum and keep going

Results are the best motivation. The feeling of accomplishment when you see the clutter disappear and a spotless house emerge gives you a rush of energy that encourages you to keep going. You feel driven by a newfound motivation and suddenly the task becomes enjoyable.

Before you know it, you’ve decided to take on more than you planned and end up with an immaculate house, something unheard of before starting to clean!

Why is cleaning so relaxing?

The physical act of organising and de-cluttering brings a real sense of accomplishment – it’s like making progress in tangible form. You can literally see your life coming together.

Cleaning our homes can leave us feeling both relaxed and energised at the same time. A clean house doesn’t just look better aesthetically; it has a myriad of physical and mental benefits too.

Why can’t I keep my house clean?

While big cleaning sessions are great – the problem is that your house quickly becomes a mess again.

Having a solid plan and system in place is the best way to tackle this problem. Without one, cleaning can become overwhelming as you can easily lose track of what areas have been tackled and which still need attention. Putting together an effective cleaning routine is key to making sure your home stays clean and organised, so take some time and make sure you have the right plan for you!

Designating certain tasks for certain days will help you establish a habit, which will make it easier to commit to and perform in the long run. Use our free cleaning routine printable to get started!



Cleaning is almost always associated with pain and misery, but making a solid schedule can help turn this chore into something that is methodical, measurable and manageable. As an added bonus, having a prearranged list of tasks will also save you time and energy trying to decide what needs to be done when. That’s why creating a plan ahead of time for all your household cleaning duties can work wonders when it comes to complete them on a regular basis. The only hard part now…. is getting started.