Do you have trouble remembering your weekly schedule? Do you need a quick and easy way to keep on top of your routine? If so, this free week plan printable is just the thing you need.

How to use our week plan printable:

Simply print out the my week planner and write the thing or things you need to remember on each day. You could use it for your cleaning routine, work schedule, errands, family activities or you could change it every week as need be. Stick it somewhere that you’ll be able to see it all the time, such as the fridge. 

Hot tip: You might like to get a little magnet that you move each morning onto which day of the week it is if you sometimes lose track of the days or want to make it more child-friendly.

     Tips for sticking with your weekly plan:

    • Make sure that you are realistic about what you can accomplish in a week. Remember that this is an overview and there’s only so much time in a day (and a week).
    • Check your plan every morning, and make a mental note to yourself to get today’s task done.
    • Leave a little room for flexibility because no matter how meticulous we are, things sometimes do not go as planned. (Hate that.)
    • Make sure you schedule in some down time or fun time so you don’t go crazy (I’m talking to you, Mums).
    • Make yourself do the task of the day. With the thrill of accomplishing goals you’ll feel at the end of a perfect week, you will become addicted to organisation in no time. 

    We hope our free week plan printable helps you keep on top of things! Check back soon for more freebies and tips.

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