Are you tired of your house being a mess? Do you feel like you can never seem to get ahead of the cleaning game? Well, we have good news for you! We have created a free printable cleaning routine that will help you. This routine is designed to be simple and easy to follow, so that you can get the most out of your cleaning time.

Why is it so hard to keep the house clean?

  • You don’t have time: with work, family, and other obligations, it can be hard to find time to clean
  • You don’t know where to start: it can be overwhelming to look at a messy house and not know where to begin
  • You get sidetracked: once you start cleaning, it’s easy to get distracted and end up doing something else
  • Mental health reasons: sometimes, the mess can be too much to handle.

They sound like excuses but they’re also all understandable and legitimate problems. However, that doesn’t mean you can give up and let your house go to crap because you’ll just end up miserable. So how do you overcome these problems?

If you’re constantly re-cleaning the main areas of your home so things like the bathroom or the top of your dresser drawers just seem impossible to ever address, then the problem isn’t you – it’s your system. Start with our free printable cleaning routine and just focus on one room per day.


┬áDon’t expect yourself to be perfect and stop trying to do everything at once. The only system that works for me is to clean one room (or category of room) per day, then create a small list of your daily tasks. Once it’s written down into a routine, you’ll never have to sit there feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. You’ll say (for example) oh it’s Wedneday so I’ll do the bedrooms today. If something urgent comes up and you only have five minutes to spare – spend five minutes on the room of the day. Even if you set a timer every day and do as much as you can as quickly as you can, you’re still making progress. You might not get everything spotless and sparkling every time but if you follow the routine consistently, it’s always going to be pretty clean.

It’s just not efficient to spend hours trying to catch up on the whole house in one go (or over several days) and it’s so disheartening when it all goes to trash again a week later.

What cleaning needs to be done daily?

  • Make the bed: it’s sort of old fashioned, but making your bed in the morning is doing yourself a favour for that night when you get to hop straight in. And it just makes the whole room look lovely.
  • Load the dishwasher (I really hope you have one, it’s a game changer) throughout the day. Run it after dinner. Unload it in the morning to restart the next day. This system means no dirty dishes sitting on the bench.
  • Empty the kitchen bin every day because them food scraps will stink it up and leave you feeling lousy.
  • Wipe down the benches and dining table after dinner.
  • Sweep or vaccuum the main rooms: dust builds up so quickly. Not only will it make the place look neater, but it’s good for your health.
  • Laundry (This is a daily task if you have multiple children.)
  • Do a quick blast away of any clutter that’s been left laying around (Also a daily task if you have multiple children.)

 More cleaning tips:

  • Invest in good quality products: Save up and get yourself a really good vaccuum like a cordless Dyson. Buy a steam mop instead of lugging around a bucket of water. It might seem like a boring use of your money but if your cleaning becomes easier, more enjoyable and less time consuming, it’s worth every penny.
  • Start with the top of your surfaces and work down, before you start cleaning the floors. It’s quicker and means you don’t have to re-clean anything.
  • Keep a small rubbish bin in every room so you’re not walking all over the house with trash in your hands.

Just remember to be consistent and patient with yourself – it won’t happen overnight but it will get easier with time!