Earlier today I neatly put all the shoes onto the shoe rack near the front door and walked up the hallway for two minutes. When I returned, the shoes were back on the floor and the one year old was looking very pleased with herself.

How to keep the house clean when you have children (you can’t)

Clean when the baby sleeps

Assuming your baby will let you put them down without waking up and then stay asleep for hours at a time, you can simply sacrifice your own sleep, food or relaxation time to cram in more cleaning like the housework robot you are!

Wear your baby

100% of babies love going in the baby carrier and 100% of mothers can wear them comfortably. Therefore, your baby will sleep peacefully while you clean provided you don’t need to pick up anything off the floor, scrub anything, lean over, reach anything, or make any noise.

Get the kids involved in cleaning

Sure it’ll make the cleaning twice as much work for you but what choice do you have?

Everything should have a spot

Know where every single item in your house “goes”. That way, when no one follows the new rules, you’ll be able to clean up after them later on. 

Definitely don’t let the children watch TV

You’ll melt their brain.

How to accept that your house is not going to be as clean with children  

My actual advice is to do what you can with what little time you have. Create a cleaning routine and stick to it as well as you can, but also, cut corners, use appliances, and hide all the crap in a cupboard quickly if you have guests coming over. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to give up and let all hell break loose (Well, maybe if everyone is sick). It’s important for your family’s mental and physical health to have a clean house. I’m just saying you can’t let it destroy your confidence when you’re unable to keep up. Give yourself grace and do your best but don’t let it drive you crazy. You deserve sleep, proper nutrition, and yes, even some time to have fun or relax. Don’t ever think that you’re the only one who can’t do it all.

Don’t ever feel like a failure when you have no clean plates left, six baskets of laundry to put away and shoes all over the floor.