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The act of writing down thoughts, plans, and inspirations onto paper or screen creates a roadmap through the labyrinth of existence. It grants you the power to harness the energy of the present, ensuring that no notion goes unexplored, no commitment is forsaken, and no “aha!” moment fades into oblivion.

By translating the intangible into the tangible, you forge a connection between the realms of thought and reality. Do you want to procrastinate and leave all your work until the last minute? Do you want to forget the mayonnaise at the shop and eat a dry sandwich for lunch? Do you want to start a new goal and abandon it two days later? Of course you don’t. So, embrace the magnificent art of writing stuff down.

Your to-do list isn’t just a list. With every item you check off, you’re not just crossing off tasks – you’re taking steps toward your goals, embracing productivity, and giving yourself the gift of accomplishment.

Why leave anything to chance when you can meticulously plan every aspect of your life?

Meet the Team

I’m Joanne and I write the blog and make the lists.

I work from home and have three kids. Personally, if I don’t write everything down and stick to a routine, all hell breaks loose.

Aside from ticking off lists, my interests include drinking coffee, playing with children, reading books, watching TV, and then drinking another coffee or three.




Emma does all the artwork for the website. She also writes a lot of lists but whether or not she sticks to them is another story. Emma embraces the chaos. She’s got one baby (so far) and is a self-taught artist.

Her other interests include travelling, cooking, also playing with children, collecting pop culture inspired purses, and hanging out with Joanne.

You can check out more of her art on her Facebook page

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